Be Immortal is apparel for artist, creative professionals, fitness enthusiast, and goal oriented people.  Primal Immortality symbolizes the goal of every artist – to be immortal.

The reason we knew how Pollock, Gordon Parks, Frost, Langstan Hughes, Bansky or Derrick May is because their work is timeless.  It’s immortal.  And as an artist; isn’t that something we all want?  To produce kind of work that will be talked about and studied forever?

Now the word primal is used the same way you might use the word “throwback.”  So you see images of film camers, tapes, beatboxes, records, type writers, and other artistic tools that technology has left behind.  And this is used to remind us that some of the best art was made with the most minimum tools.  You don’t need technology to be immortal?  The human being, the vision, and the creation creates immorality.

Order a shirt.  Be art.  Become who you want to be. Be immortal.


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