Art & The Machine Vol# 1


“... To give you too much opportunity really destroys creativity. If you

took an artist you respect and put them in a room with a broken guitar

and a two-track recorder, something more interesting would come out of

them than if you put them in some fancy L.A. studio with a million

dollars to spend."

-Jack White

 I can honestly say Jack White gets IT. He’s always gotten IT.  I’m not saying that because he’s a native Detroiter.  I’m not saying that because I’m a fan of his blues heavy rock ‘roll.  I’m saying that because he’s right.  Since day one – he decided he would force the music out of himself.  In his mind – music made too easy, too convenient, with too many machines lacked substance.

 I remember participating in a photography workshop 15 years ago. Most of the students there had various types of zoom lenses and professional cameras.  Our teacher passed out a few 50mm prime lenses.  Sent us out to shoot and told us we weren’t allowed to use any of our zoom lenses.  This forced all of us to do something we had stopped doing: move around! Lol!  But by moving around – we discovered different angles and alternative perspectives. Some student laid down on their bellies for shots and other climbed walls and trees.

Less equaled more.

This is the challenge some artists face in this era where there are so many gadgets and machines that you can leave you creatively handicapped!  The turntable deck vs the Ipod deck.  Film vs digital photography.  The list goes on and on.

A minimalist approach to art is an awesome thing.  Sometimes keeping your mind in the box forces the creativity inside your heart to find new exit strategies.


Be Immortal